• WhitePaper
    β Version

    Last updated on March 14, 2023.

    *Please note that the specifications listed in this white paper may be subject to change.
    Additionally, it does not cover all functions that have been or will be implemented.

    SKY FRONTIER FANTASY BATTLE is a high-quality fantasy RPG that takes place in a world of floating islands that emerged after the collapse of the world, and the sea of clouds that spreads beneath it.

    Take on the challenge of battling against fierce mechanized Orphan (monsters) and enormous creature (Nushi) teaming up with other players to take them down in thrilling cooperative battles!

    SKY FRONTIER includes the elements of "Free to Play" + "Play to Earn" + "Rental to Earn"

    The reason why SKY FRONTIER places importance on quality is as follows:

    • By attracting not only investors but also game players, the game seeks to expand and stabilize the economic sphere.
    • Providing a high-quality game can achieve a sustained influx of new players.


  • Basic Information


    PC client、Mobile(iOS, Android)

    【Basic Information】
    Basically free + in game purchase + monthly subscription

    Action RPG + Play to Earn

    【Number of Players】
    1~8 players

    Built in + external connection

    【Service Providing Company】
    BIGBANG、Pancake Games


  • How to Start

    To access the game, an ID and password will be required.
    At the initial stage, authentication registration will be accepted through email or social media authentication.
    As a potential measure against bots and cheats, facial recognition or certificate authentication may be implemented in the future.

    Regarding Wallet

    To ensure that cryptocurrency beginners without a wallet can enjoy our game, earned currency is managed within the game itself.
    Wallet connection will be required only when converting NFT (making them usable in the game and tradable outside of the game) and making purchases.
    The currency can be reflected in the wallet on the dedicated website. We aim to lower the barrier to starting the game so that even those who are not familiar with cryptocurrency can play and plan to include a tutorial that explains the process when the need arises.

    Regarding Lending NFT

    This game has a lending feature that allows players to borrow NFT converted within the game. Therefore, there is no need to send NFT to another person's wallet for lending. Any request to send NFT to a wallet should be considered fraudulent.


  • NFT Token

    BEP20(BNB20) tokens are issued that can be converted into NFTs.

    e.g. Olivia:

    List of BEP20(BNB20) tokens.

    At the time of service launch, BEP20(BNB20) tokens can be exchanged for NFT on a dedicated website. Upon exchange, each NFT will be assigned a unique serial number. Those who acquired the same item earlier will be able to obtain a younger serial number.

    As the service progresses, NFT itself will become available, leading to a decrease in the issuance of BEP20(BNB20) tokens for NFT conversion.

    Regarding Marketplace

    Prior to the official release, an external marketplace will be made available for the trading of SKY FRONTIER NFT.

    This marketplace will offer not only the buying and selling of NFT, but also enable creators to register and engage in activities such as selling icons that can be utilized in-game, as well as MODs.

    Sales of NFT will be primarily conducted through an auction format, with the option to set an instant purchase price. Initially, the only accepted currency will be GSKY, with additional currencies to be added as needed.

    Planned to introduce an in-game marketplace in future updates.


  • Monetize

    NFT Sales (Airship, Character, Equipment, Avatar, etc.)
    ∟Upon commencement of operations, planned to hold the sale approximately twice a month.
    Sale by GSKY's Exchange
    ∟No sales will be made with respect to distributed or possessed items.
    Used exclusively within the game and the amount collected by the team will be sold to fund operation.

    ・GSKY's holding value
    ・NFT holding value
    ・Purchases related to consumable items
    ・Fees (Creating NFT, rental, and enhancement of game items)
    ・Monthly subscription, etc.



  • Token

    Mainly relies on two tokens:
    (platform currency with utility properties)
    (main currency)

    GCAKE may be utilized in certain aspects of SKY FRONTIER, such as NFT sales. As it is the GCAKE platform's native token, GCAKE is not intended for frequent use within the game.
    GSKY is used not only for NFT sales, but also for importing NFTs into the game and exporting them out of the game. Additionally, GSKY is used for transaction fees and payments within the game.

    Utility of GSKY

    ・Functions as currency for participating in sales
    ・Resetting item parameters
    ・Purchasing premium items
    ・Purchasing monthly licenses
    ・Earn NFTs through staking a certain amount or more
    ・Participating in exclusive sales
    ・Used as transaction fees for in-game trading
    ・Fees related to converting items into NFT
    ・Fees related to limit break for various items
    And more



    Two types of IGSKY are available: free and paid.
    IGSKY (free) is an in-game currency that can be exchanged to GSKY. To prevent cheating and BOT activities, players cannot acquire cryptocurrencies directly through Play to Earn (P2E) mechanisms. Instead, players can obtain IGSKY and exchange them to GSKY by fulfilling specific conditions.

    IGSKY (paid) can be purchased through credit cards, GSKY, or other payment methods. However, IGSKY (paid) cannot be exchanged to GSKY.

    IGSKY (free) is available through the following methods:

    ・Daily Missions
    IGSKY can be earned by completing daily missions that are updated on a daily basis.

    ・NFT Lending
    Portion of the currency earned by the borrower can be obtained.

    ・In-game Market
    IGSKY can be acquired by trading on the in-game market.

    IGSKY (paid) is available through the following methods:

    ・Purchase using a credit card or other payment methods at the rate of when purchasing.

    ・Exchange from GSKY depending on the rate.


  • Types of NFT


    The airship has a crew capacity, important status, and skills necessary for battling against Nushi by controlling the airship. Because of its crucial role in these battles, it has become an essential NFT.

    ・Crew members(Character)

    Crew members have the ability to enhance stats and increase the number of slots available for weapon equipment.
    Especially S characters have unique bonus slots and many of them are not available for resale, making them extremely valuable NFTs.


    Equipping characters with equipment can significantly boost up their stats and add attributes. Additionally, in-game crafted equipment can go in circulation as NFT.

    ・Other, in-game NFT Item
    Items such as lost relics (accessories) found during adventures, items that lock bonus stats, and items that raise experience points can be purchased or obtained in-game.


  • Airship

    Airship play a pivotal role in Nushi battles, as their high base stats give them more significance than other characters or equipment. Each airship differ in their capabilities, such as turning, movement, and attack methods, as well as ammunition, necessitating the need to upgrade to higher quality airship.

    The major ways of acquiring airship is through the acquisition of NFT and the production of the airship from raw materials.

    ◆Status of Airship
    ・Lv: The numerical value that represents the current level of growth. As levels up, the basic parameters also increases. Need to strengthen in order to raise the level.
    ・HP: The durability, and when HP reaches 0, it is in a heavily damaged state.
    ・SP: This is the skill points and is required to use special skills. Without sufficient SP, the use of such skills is not possible.
    ・ATK: The physical attack power. Used to calculate the damage inflicted on the enemy when performing a physical attack.
    ・DEF: The physical defense power. Used to calculate the damage when being hit by a physical attack.
    ・MATK: The magic attack power. Used to calculate the damage inflicted on the enemy when attacking with magic attack.
    ・MDEF: The magic defense power. Used to calculate the damage when being hit by a magic attack.
    ・REP: The healing amount. It affects the healing amount when repairing your own or someone else's airship.
    ・HIT: This refers to the accuracy value. If one's HIT value is lower than the opponent's evasion value, damage will not be inflicted normally.
    ・CRI: The probability of a critical attack occurring. The higher the value, the more likely critical attacks are to occur.
    ・CRI+D: The damage multiplier for critical attacks. The amount of damage dealt when a critical attack occurs will be higher.
    ・SPEED: The movement speed. Related to the speed of movement on the field.
    ・TURN: The turning speed. Related to the speed of turning.
    ・EXP+: The amount of experience gained increases.
    ・GOLD+: The amount of gold obtained increases.
    ・IGSKY+: The amount of IGSKY obtained increases.
    ・Main Skill Slot: Can set a slot for the airship's exclusive main skill
    ・Main Skill Level: The level of the airship's exclusive main skill. The higher the level, the higher the effect.
    ・Special Skill Slot: An exclusive special skill for the airship will be set. The level of the special skill is fixed.
    ・Crew Capacity: The number of crew members that can be set in the deck.
    *Airships does not have a limit break (combining the same type).


  • Character

    Characters are suitable for boosting status levels. Each character is assigned a specific role, which determines the necessary stats to increase. This makes it easier to improve their stats for their designated role. Characters also have rarity levels, with C < UC < N < S in order of increasing strength. S characters can be highly valuable due to their exclusive bonus status slot, and some may not be available for resale.

    Furthermore, players have the opportunity to acquire avatars that alter the visual (in 3D) of each character. To switch into a new avatar, ownership of the corresponding NFT or character is required.

    In addition, avatars can be obtained as avatar items, allowing players to further customize their character's visual.

    Some avatars may have special effects or unique visuals.

    ◆Status of Character
    ・Lv: The numerical value that represents the current level of growth. As levels up, the basic parameters also increase. Need to strengthen in order to raise the level.
    ・Rarity: Represents the rarity of the character.
    ・Limit Break Amount: Can increase the basic parameters by combining the identical character.
    ・Proficient Weapon Type: Equipping a weapon of the proficient type provides benefit.
    ・Popularity: The higher the popularity, the greater the positive effect on the basic stats.
    ・STR: Affects physical attack power.
    ・INT: Affects magic attack power.
    ・VIT: Affects physical defense power.
    ・MIND: Affects magic defense power.
    ・MYS: Affects healing amount.
    ・DEX: Affects accuracy.
    ・LUCK: Affects the critical damage multiplier.
    ・Main Skill Slot: A slot for the character's exclusive main skill.
    ・Main Skill Level: The level of the character's exclusive main skill. The higher the level, the greater the effect.
    ・Bonus Status Slot: A slot where you can randomly add stats that increase as the limit break amount increases.
    ・Exclusive Bonus Status Slot: A slot where you can randomly add parameters that are exclusively for S characters from the group of parameters. Fixed for 1 slot.
    ・Amount of Equipment Slot: The maximum number of slots that can be equipped for character.


  • Equipment

    Equipment not only enhances character stats, but also adds attribute values.
    While equipment has a smaller effect on increasing stats compared to characters themselves, attribute values are a highly valuable addition that can only be obtained through equipment.
    Players have the option to add attribute values through the use of specific items. Additionally, some equipment is designed with initial attribute values.

    ◆Status of Equipment
    ・Lv: The numerical representation of the current level of growth. As levels up, the basic parameters increase. To raise the level, need to strengthen.
    ・Limit Break Amount: The number of times the identical equipment can be combined to increase the basic parameters.
    ・STR: Affects the physical attack power.
    ・INT: Affects the magical attack power.
    ・VIT: Affects the physical defense power.
    ・MIND: Affects the magical defense power.
    ・MYS: Affects the healing amount.
    ・DEX: Affects the accuracy value.
    ・LUCK: Affects the critical damage multiplier.
    ・Main Skill Slot: A dedicated main skill for the equipment is set in this slot.
    ・Main Skill Level: The level of the dedicated main skill for the equipment. The higher the level, the greater the effect.
    ・Bonus Status Slot: A slot where random stats can be added, which increases with the number of limit breaks.
    ・Attribute Slot: Equipment that comes with pre-attached attributes is set in this slot and cannot be removed.
    ・Attribute Value: The value of the attribute attached to the attribute slot.
    Attribute Assignment Slot: A slot where attributes can be assigned, removed, or change it to different attribute.
    Attribute Assignment Value: The attribute value assigned to the Attribute Assignment Slot.


  • Base

    The base is a place of relaxation for adventurers. Control the character to navigate the base and interact with crew members within the base. Furthermore, the base serves as a place for adventurers to invite other adventurers to form a party.

    ◆ Activities Available at the Base
    ・Go to the battlefield
    ・Party matching
    ・Chatting, emotions
    ・Collecting items
    ・Creating items
    ・Converting NFT
    ・Creating deck
    ・Limit break
    ・Parameter drawings and lock
    ・Various community function
    ・Interacting with NPCs
    ・Popularity function
    ・Store function


  • Deck

    Through the combination of roles, airships, crew members, and equipment, a deck can be assembled, which determines the overall stats, enabling battles to take place.
    The identical character and equipment cannot be set within a single deck.

    ・Cannot include 2 S Olivia in a single deck
    ・Cannot include 1 S Olivia and N Olivia in a single deck
    ・Cannot Set S Olivia and S Carol and assigning Exocet in a weapon slot
    *The character is judged based on whether they are identical. It is possible to switch (swap) by adding S to the N Olivia slot or adding N Olivia to the S Olivia slot.

    The role and airship slot are always set with something. In the case of an airship, the initial ship Ein is always set and cannot be removed. Multiple slots for deck is provided and players can switch the deck according to their purpose.


  • Role

    In multiplayer battles, roles are crucial. As players face stronger enemies, coordinated teamwork that aligns with roles becomes essential.

    ▼Role Introduction

    Tank: Responsible for enhancing durability stats such as HP, DEF, and MDEF, and shielding allies from Nushi's attacks. Players in this role must draw and maintain Nushi's attention towards themselves to prevent it from targeting their allies.

    Healer: This role enhances stats such as REP, DEF, and MDEF to provide healing and durability. The healer works alongside the tank in the frontlines, restoring the tank's HP and healing other party members.

    Attacker: This role is responsible for raising attack power such as ATK and MATK, and efficiently attacking Nushi's weak points. Due to low durability, strategic evasion of enemy attacks is crucial.

    Buffer: This role is responsible for enhancing various stats as needed and providing support to allies, including occasional assistance with healing. Buffer also need to protect allies from powerful attacks.

    Debuffer: This role enhances various stats as needed and hinders enemy actions. However, enemies become more resistant to debuffs over time, so debuffers must adopt strategic approaches to efficiently impede powerful attacks.


  • Limit Break

    Combining identical character and equipment is called the limit break.
    Limit break is performed by setting a base item and materials. When "Limit Break" is performed, the items used as materials will be consumed, and the limit break number of the base item will be added.

    ▼Benefits of Limit Break
    ・Improvement of basic stats
    ・Unlocking bonus parameter slots
    ・Setting of bonus parameters
    ・Unlocking of skill level caps

    There are no limits on the number of times to perform a limit break, however, after a certain number of times, the efficiency of each limit break gradually diminishes due to a significant decrease in the enhancement of basic parameters.

    It should be noted that airships are unable to undergo the process of limit break.

    Bonus Parameter

    The number of bonus parameter slots increases accordingly to the amount of limit breaking. Bonus parameters are randomly drawn from the available parameters within a specific range of values. It is possible to re-roll the drawing, but the drawing will be conducted for all bonus parameter slots.
    If you do not want to change the parameters in a specific slot, you can lock that slot and conduct the drawing only for the remaining slots. The slot-locking feature is available as a paid item.
    *Please note that only S characters will have special parameter slots.


  • Nushi Battle

    Battle PV

    In Nushi Battle, players engage in an action segment where they attack enemies while moving through a vast 3D field on an airship.
    It is possible to move from base in either solo or multiplayer mode.
    Players can attack enemies using regular bullets or skills by aiming at them.
    Nushi has a weak point in its body parts and if effectively targeted, can deal significant damage.
    Since Nushi consistently targets a specific member of the team with homing bullets, a tank or healer is required to effectively manage the situation.

    While controlling the airship, players can use anchors to shoot into floating islands or Orphans in order to gain acceleration.
    Two types of anchors exist, which are retractable and fixed.
    Retractable anchors instantly retract upon hitting the target, which allows to use obstacles to speed up player's movement or change the direction of movement.
    Fixed anchors do not retract instantly upon hitting the target and instead remain locked.
    By shooting the anchors into Nushi or Orphans, players will be dragged and can attack along with their movements.

    In the vast field, players can show their position to their allies by firing signal flares.
    Additionally, feasible to obtain unique materials in the field.
    Upon successfully defeating a Nushi or Orphan, players will have the opportunity to acquire materials and items from the defeated Orphan.
    NFT from the Orphan may be obtained in rare cases including rare NFTs with a limited number of supply called World NFT.
    Following the defeat of a Nushi, players will be presented with the choice to either return to the base or initiate a rematch.


  • Convert

    In order to utilize NFT in the game, players must connect their wallet within the game and perform an NFT conversion. Once the conversion is complete, the NFT will be secured in the player's wallet and cannot be transferred out. In order to unlock it, the player must perform another NFT conversion within the game.

    NFT can be lent out after being converted and made available in the game. NFT that have not been converted cannot be used in the game or lent out.

    To list an NFT on the marketplace, make sure it is not locked and list it on the marketplace.


    Basically in SKY FRONTIER, all kinds of items can be borrowed. The owner sets the margin, and the borrower decides on the borrowing period and borrows the item. While borrowing the item, if the borrower earns IGSKY, the margin set by the owner is transferred to the owner.

    Additionally, if the borrower acquires an NFT while borrowing the item and sells it, the profit from the sale is also transferred to the owner in the same margin.

    Even in secondary market, the owner's information is recorded and therefore, the margin is transferred to the owner, and the remaining profit from the sale is given to the borrower.


  • Land

    By obtaining land (floating islands), players can use materials to construct buildings on vacant land. The buildings constructed provide various benefits.

    The number and types of materials collected vary according to the size and characteristics of the land. It is possible to visit other players' land and use the facilities located there. Each facility has a construction time (actual time to construct) and once the construction time has elapsed, the buildings will be completed (construction time can be shortened by using dedicated items).

    Land has 5 different rarities.

    The higher the rarity, the more materials that can be collected and the probability of finding them increases. Additionally, players can build houses to accommodate crew members and numbers of facilities that can raise their status.

    Land level exists for each land.
    As the LAND level gets higher, players gain access to more materials and buildings that can be constructed. LAND level can be raised by accumulating experience points using specific materials.

    Each land has its own characteristics, and the types of materials that can be obtained differ depending on those characteristics. The materials obtained from land are used for building construction or upgrading, and raising the land level.

    Furthermore, special materials exist among the materials, which can be utilized for crafting weapons, items, avatars, and other purposes. Given that certain materials cannot be acquired from a singular land, it is imperative to engage in trade with individuals from various lands.